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Current Electrical Contracting provides custom-built LTE/5G cell tower solutions. Tower owners can count on our experienced and reliable crews to deliver high-quality 5G-ready cell sites and antennas that maximize system performance. The market size for wireless towers in the US continues to grow. Currently there are approximately 417K cell sites with around 150K cell towers.   

Our services include cell tower engineering, installation, and maintenance for all major wireless carriers, broadband service providers, tower owners, and equipment suppliers. In addition, our project managers manage all facets of the line and antenna DAS installation process, from the initial site planning to testing and close out.  

New Tower Planning & Installation
RF engineering / assessing signal strength and conducting inspections.
Zoning & permitting management.  
A&E services -- whether your needs are for a new small cell, macro, technology upgrade, or generator backup project our team of professionals has the experience and skills to ensure that our A&E services meet your goals.
Certified electricians provide the LTE/5G installation.
Access to warehouses & equipment.

Tower Upgrades & Disaster Recovery
Ready to modify existing towers as technology advances.
Install back-up generators to keep cell towers operational during a power outage.
Make foundation modifications to support technology upgrades for better coverage.
Provide emergency restoration work for wireless carriers to rapidly repair networks safely after a weather or disaster.

For more capabilities and information, review our detailed rooftop installation services.


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