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San Diego Headquarters


Current Electrical Contracting Inc. provides GCs with first-rate commercial electrical construction services and specializes in developing wireless communications networks throughout the Southwest. The telecom industry can rely on Current to bring our experience to our projects. We work with Tier-1 contractors, wireless carriers, cable and broadband service providers, RBOCs, utilities, tower owners and developers. We take great pride in the quality of our crews’ work, how we perform it, and the long-term relationships we have established over the years.

Overall, Current Electrical prides itself on achieving our customer’s goals every time, on time. We are a can-do company with a hands-on approach. It is how we ensure quality workmanship, proper scheduling, and timely completion of each project.

We are always looking for qualified individuals to join our team, click here for positions.

Meet The Executive Team


Gaetano Giacalone

Gaetano has decades of experience in the electrical and construction industries. He began his career working from the ground up, learning first hand amongst the industry leaders what it took to be a fields man, a journeyman, super intendant, project manager, welder, and more. In 2009, he saw an opportunity to bring his knowledge of the industry to start his own company and founded Current Electrical Contracting Inc. where he continues to provide quality workmanship to commercial clients. With the emergence of cellular telecommunications, Gaetano expanded his services to include general contracting within that industry. As a general contractor and an electrical contractor, Gaetano understands projects from both a GC and subcontractor’s perspective making sure all of his projects get done to high standards of quality. 


More important Gaetano believes Jesus Christ is his Lord and Savior. He strives for all company business dealings to reflect this truth.


David Borntrager


David has over 25 years of experience in the Telecom industry through his diverse experiences, he has become a well-rounded professional, acquiring a broad understanding of different components and processes within the industry. Working for companies such as Bechtel, General Dynamics, and A&M Communications. With his comprehensive knowledge and years of hands-on experience, he has developed a strong foundation in the industry and is well-equipped to tackle complex projects and provide valuable insights.His deep understanding of the industry enables David to approach challenges with a holistic perspective, leveraging his expertise in various areas to find innovative solutions. David’s  extensive background and familiarity with a wide range of projects make him an asset to Current Electrical Contracting

230302_Janiza Terzoli.jpg

Janiza Terzoli

Janiza has been a member of the Current Electrical Contracting since our founding. Her detailed-oriented nature and her strong work ethic has directly influenced the company's solid foundation. She manages and coordinates the administrative functions of the company, sets goals for departments and individual managers, collaborates with colleagues to implement policies, and develop improvements, oversees budgeting, fiscal planning, and provides guidance to subordinate staff. Having over 10 years of experience in the construction industry and legal field; Janiza is an invaluable member of the Current Team.

230302_Pamela Rodrigues.jpg

Pamela Rodrigues

Pamela has been a member of the Current Electrical Contracting team since our founding. Her detail-oriented nature and her strong work ethic has directly influenced the company’s solid foundation. She has more than seven years of experience in the construction industry and four in the legal field; the combination of the two specialties allow her to resolve any task at hand successfully. With a history of managing a successful family business has made her an asset to Current Electrical Contracting and adds to the company culture.

Commercial Electrical Contracting & Wireless Turnkey Services & LTE/5G Electrical Crew Training

  • Site Development & ConstructionDAS & CBRS Integration

  • Radio & Surveillance

  • Asset Management Services

  • Project Management, Staffing & Recruiting Physical Assessments and Site Audits

  • Site Acquisition & RF GuidanceA&E, Site Design & Value EngineeringFile Audits & Lease ReviewsSite & Network

  • DecommissioningTelecommunications Rooftop & Tower

  • ConstructionInstallation, Startup & Testing

  • Zoning, Permitting & Regulatory Compliance

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